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This term can be confusing, as it means many different things in today’s arts worlds. As a producer, I will collaborate with you, the artist/songwriter/composer, to help realize a musical project. This may include working with you on songwriting or composition, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, publishing, and distributing your music. It may also include finding other musicians/artists to collaborate with in order to create the best project possible.

As a mastering engineer with a background in performance and composition as well as audio engineering, I will be sensitive to your creative vision and help bring your recordings to the best possible level, ready to be put into the world.

Musical projects often include many elements other than just the music and the performers. I can help you sort out what you need for your concert, installation, composition, song, studio space, etc. I have worked with composers, bands, songwriters, soloists, ensembles, and recording studios to find high quality, reliable, project-appropriate, and cost effective solutions for all kinds of projects and situations. As a holder of the Level II Dante Certification from Audinate, I can also help you identify and implement networked audio systems in various contexts.

In either live performance or studio-type situations, I can help you capture your music the way it deserves to be captured. This can range from  stereo room micing to recordings with 20+ channels of acoustic instruments and multichannel electronics or surround sound recordings. Video options are also possible.  

From quadraphonic and 5.1 to ambisonics, wavefield synthesis arrays and custom-designed systems, I can help you identify the best way to utilize the amazing creative tool that is spatial audio. As a holder of the Level II Dante Certification from Audinate, I can also help utilize networked audio to increase the efficiency of these high channel count systems.

Years of experience creating, performing, and engineering electronic music has allowed me to become a fluent performer of live electronics parts in electronic and electroacoustic music. Whether it involves following a score and triggering a Max patch or using Ableton Live in an improvisational setting, I bring a performer’s mindset to these technically demanding pieces.

Having worked with everything from rock bands to amplified chamber orchestras, I can help you achieve the best live sonic experience possible in any situation. I will work to make it impactful for listeners and comfortable for performers. 

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